Us Vs Ivy Tech

  1. 1
    Same Certification less time

    Our Course takes 6 weeks and then you can take the CNA certification exam.  Verse Ivy Tec’s course that takes over a year!  

  2. 2
    More Cost Efficient

    Since our course is only 6 weeks long, it becomes much more cost efficient.  Your Flat Fee is $900.00 and that includes everything you need to pass this course.

    Some of the things included are:

    • 1 Set of All Heart Nurse’s Aide scrubs
    • TB Shots
    • Your Course Training packet
    • and much much more!   
  3. 3
    Only take classes you need

    With All Heart Nurse’s Aid Training Center you only take the Courses you need to pass the CNA test.  

  4. 4
    No academic testing

    There is No academic testing required to enroll in our program.