All Heart Nurse Aide Training Center LLC Vs Other CNA Programs

  1. 1
    CNA Certification in less time!!

    Our typical pre-licensing course takes 3 weeks from start to finish. Once the student completes the course work and passes a mock test they will be scheduled to take the CNA certification exam.  Our course model is the fastest start to finish course of its kind that we are aware of. Most other course’s take any where from at least 4 weeks to 6 months and could require pre-requisite courses that could make the total time even longer.   

  2. 2
    More Cost Efficient

    Since our course is only 3 weeks long, it becomes much more cost efficient. By coming to class fewer times the student saves hundreds in fuel and childcare! All Heart Nurse Aide Training Center gets you working sooner! By getting your pre-licensing completion certificate sooner you can work full time while you are waiting to test! 

    Our tuition includes all required items that you will need to pass this course.

    Some of the things included are:

    • 1 Set of All Heart Nurse’s Aide Training Center LLC scrubs
    • TB Shots
    • Your Course Training packet
    • and much much more!  
  3. 3
    Only take classes you need

    All Heart Nurse’s Aid Training Center LLC only teaches the State of Indiana CNA curriculum. Many schools, career centers, and community colleges will require students to take pre-requisite classes prior to starting the CNA Curriculum.   As long as you meet the State guidelines to be a CNA you will be able to attend our CNA courses!

  4. 4
    No academic testing

    There is No academic or entry testing required to enroll in our program!!

  5. 5
    Our pass rate is one of the Highest in the State!!

    Students that take our course will pass the state exam or they can take advantage of our free State Exam Pass Guarantee!!